In my work I am trying to carefully select elements through which I can create a multilayered narrative framework. My intention is to put visual materials out of their everyday context and combine them into unique entities capable to communicate on various levels. The viewer’s personal experiences and cultural background play an active role in perceiving/ reading my works. Conducted with such an attitude, I am always searching for specific visual elements which reflect on my previous experiences and give me enough space to combine/confront them.

Since I am simultaneously active in both, the field of visual arts and design, I am developing my artistic strategy through combining experiences within both fields.
I like eclecticism in the approach to artistic disciplines. In my creative process, the technique and media are not my primary concern. Much more important to me is to present my own combination of visual elements gathered in one creation.

I believe that all of us, guided by our own personal experiences, can accept combination of visual elements on one piece of art in a different way, and therefore the same artwork can transmit different personal messages. I really like that kind of „democracy“, which allows the audience making various personal conclusions.

The creative process is rather abstract to me, to the point that I am not able to verbally explain it. What's more, the mystery of this process is the driving force of my constant returns to it. Anyhow, all of my creations are reflections on my own projection of reality that surrounds me, and I am taking the opportunity to comment on it visually.

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