The themes I explore are: Landscape (Physical & Spiritual), Meditative, Ritual, Life & Death, Joy, Beauty, Connection, Memory & History.

Through the process of Photography I am able to capture an image that forms the beginning or basis of a working composition.

I then start layering/blending multiple photographs.
Some works can be as simple as several images blended together, others can be as many as 60 layers or more.

My work was recently very eloquently described by Nicole Rossi the Editor of the New York Art Arena Magazine as:
"We feel that the stories & perspective YOU have with your work, belongs with modern & conceptual art because your work is raw, powerful & very very unique. I personally feel that your intense experience exploring other mediums have made your work in photography so very unique-something hard to do in a medium that is so saturated. Your works are cinematic & painterly, sculptural & layered, and much more three dimensional an experience for the viewer!"