In the midst of a successful career in finance, Milan based self-taught artist Camilla Bagna approached fine arts as a new means of communication and escape from the analytical rigor of her everyday work environment. Having always been attracted to the creative world, the ensuing confusion and sense of non-belonging towards the world of finance inspired the series “Abstract Expressionism” – impulsive, experimental and spontaneous brushstrokes on canvas to explore and liberate emotions and express the artist’s inner narrative. The mind left work and spilled onto the canvas.
At the age of 30, the voice within for self-recognition and self-expression felt so loud that the moment for a radical change in her life and career path was announced. Since then Camilla has been devoting herself to her one and only true passion – art. Having had no professional art training has given her the encouragement and freedom to simply create from the heart, exploring new styles and subjects. This has led to the “Contemporary Vanitas” series where the artist challenges herself by abandoning gestural painting for figurative art, elevating classical, antique sculptures and objects to a second life on canvas.