I was awarded "Mondrian Prize" at the Piet Mondrian
(1872~1944) contest 2015.
15 artists were selected from all over the world
and exhibited in Holland in April 2015.

This summer in 2017, I am now in Aix en Provence, place of the Modern art's father Cezanne. I feel genuine artistic sensitivity in this town as a holy ground of the artist. I created my new type of artworks. I enjoy making my works with artistic sense.
My favorite thing to do as a child was to draw pictures. My childhood dream was to become a wizard. I realize now that the dream came true in my art world because I am, like a wizard, freely making, mixing and creating magical worlds in my work.
While living in New York city, I had the opportunity to make 5 sole exhibitions, and I received 3 awards. In 2015 I received Mondrian award in Holland. At the contest of Piet Mondrian 100 years celebration in the Netherlands in April 2015, artists from all over the world submitted their works. The 15 artists were selected and awarded for the international exhibition. I was one of the 15 artists. I made a dozen of sole exhibition in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. My artworks also displayed on a large wall, CD jackets and posters. I have my art museum in Kumamoto. Every year I travel France, Italy, Mediterranean area, and also in Japan I travel by my camping car to create my artworks.
I always create when I am in a zone; I must feel the pulse of my soul – I call it ‘pulse-ism’.
I hope you will enjoy my artworks.