I was born in Sofia, capital city of Bulgaria in 1977. Since my early age I knew that my destiny is to create art. I have a master degree from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia - Fine arts. My passion to art leaded me to the world of advertising where I executed many AD campaigns for international clients. At the same time I started to develop myself as an independent contemporary artist. My art works are a colorful mix of fantastic themes, abstract geometry with surrealistic and pop art elements. My favorite technics are oil, acrylic and collage as well as graphic technics and digital art. My conceptual projects are a real metaphor of today contemporary world, that’s why I define myself as a true researcher of modern times. Until now I realized more than 15 solo and group exhibitions and art projects in Sofia and lots of Bulgarian cities, as well as in Germany and in London, Great Britain. Some of my most significant projects are: “A place for your Ad”, “Sport Unlimited”, “Work International” and “X Ray Journey”. I’m presenting here last two art projects.