Contemporary Art Gallery Online's All Paintings Press Release
27 febbraio 2016
For the month of January, Contemporary Art Gallery Online received abundant entries representing numerous styles of art expression, in the All Paintings Art Competition. Results were announced, February 22, 2016.

Artists: Tatiana Valery, Lorie Turpin and Rita Romero each received honorable recognition for still life and profile paintings; while Joshua Langley, was awarded, Best in Show for an endearing depiction of adorable little children playing with their dog in “Little Scamps”.

As Judges’ Choice, Kay Englehart captured an intimate exchange between child and playmate in, "Morning Finds Emily in the Garden".

Surreal works entitled, “The Time is Coming” by, Larry Reinhart and “Dark Rain” by, Walter Paul were both selected as, Gallery Choice.

In Audubon style, Tricia Eisen stole First Place for "Heron’s Hammock" while the uncanny likeness within his “Notorious” image, afforded Jon B. Paulsen Second Place recognition.

"On the Prowl" by, Robert Teeling received Third Place and "Red Rose" by, Elina Grosul received Fourth Place.

"Providence" by, Kent Eaton & "Trust" by, Paramita Mitra tied for Fifth Place based on unique perspectives represented in both works! Eaton capturing the essence of a majestic city and Mitra catching a rare, touching moment in time.

To view this exhibition, and others, please visit us at
Contemporary Art Gallery Online hosts artists of varying life and artistic experiences.

Visit Contemporary Art Gallery Online’s Gallery Exhibition to celebrate your love for art and to drink in the visual display. Also, tune into sound bites of in-depth artists interviews from the “Artists Speaks” series.

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