Costangelo Pacilio Costangelo Pacilio (b.1988) is a multidisciplinary artist living and working between Italy and the UK while exhibiting and being published on platforms such as Vogue Italia, National Geographic, Art+commerce New York and Getty Images. Since 2012, when he met Street Photography, Costangelo takes photos of whatever emotions him most, making photography a reason of life. His goal is to live life like a journey, where you learn to look and observe as the very first time, with no prejudices. An interior journey with a witness-linked value: like digging over earth with bare hands, to grasp a memento. Photography is a tool and a critical instant which allows to extend time and go back and forth, becoming a way of personal growth: it enhances an anthropological and philanthropic study and sets off a path based on the journey as observation and critical awareness. His themes are subconsciously hidden and spring out only in the editing, selection, film or digital development phase. As if the world, once stolen, confesses its existence, while time broadens.