I am a multidisciplinary artist with an interest in the body, choreography and societal issues. Previous works have been realized in the form of large scale drawing, installation, film and performance. The project which I mainly present here inhabits a space between photography and painting, I researched and responded to concerns of identity, body, renaissance painting, and the relationship between the practice of inquisition and contemporary cross-cultural relationships.

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I was born in Cologne (Germany), my father, a painter, introduced me to paint brushes, at age 3 I covered my whole body including hair in oil paint. Body as brush.. a conceptual artist was born. (I repeated this performance at age 4 with Nivea, Germany's favorite very sticky, oily moisturizer).

A radio program about Matisse sealed the decision to become an artist in order to never have to retire. Retiring sounded uninteresting, and perhaps in the 1980's it was.