The first Time We Kissed

Video, Human figure, Short film, 7:51
To watch correctly this video, you need a good sound system, otherwise please put on the headphones.

With this project the artist wanted to capture something that is untouchable and indefinable as an emotion. To stop a unique and unrepeatable moment and make it eternal. This is the emotion of a kiss. And to be the most pure and unique
emotion possible it needed to be necessarily the first kiss between 2 people attracted one to the other. Ironically the artist wanted to capture this romantic and poetic emotion with technical and medical instruments. The real difficulty of this project was that I had just one chance to film everything correctly, since the project is based on the very “first” kiss, so we couldn’t try it before and couldn’t shoot it a second time. To realize the video I used a thermo camera, two ECG Machines and two microphones to register the sound of the hearts beats. This project was realized thank to the big help of 2 Universities in Rome that supported the artist with the technical instruments needed as the Thermo Camera and the ECG Machines Everything in this video is exactly what happened in that particular and only moment.

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