Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Art Report, is the name of the most recent project which I have been developing. The idea is to create a kind of visual news agency which, by using the tools of art (in any of its forms or mediums), explains and illustrates to the public issues concerning our social reality. These issues fall into a number of different categories, including global economics, international investment, oil prices, spending on military defence, social issues, poverty levels and domestic violence.

The idea of this multi-disciplinary experience is to reference the different parts of the arts ecology, such as galleries, museums, exhibitions or events, as a geographical area which underlies the way we live. Just like a work of art, we can understand and respond to these issues as both a social report which reveals itself to the viewer and as a subject of society in itself. Art, Report also sends reports by using all of today’s available channels of communication, such as the classic fax, email, or the regular post, and in doing so systematically enacts the functions of a so-called visual news agency.

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