black painting - white painting

black painting - white painting

Pittura, Idee, Natura morta, Olio, 165x180cm
Johanna Strobel, black painting - white painting, 2013, oil on canvas, each 180 x 165 cm,

Black contains all colors - everything arises from black to lose itself in white (Louis Bertrand Castel). In my work I begin with the opposite poles of black and white - both a "non entity" (Malevich). Also in Goethe's theory the colors lie between light and darkness, between white and black. I allow the superficially banal objects to emerge from the blackness to catch the light and contrarily study the subject melting into white under extreme light conditions. Object and surface melt in places, objects emerge from the surface and pull back into it. The subject acts as a node - a thickening of the surface- and thereby the space dissolves into a monochrome background.

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Antoinette von Saurma
3 anni fa
Wonderful work! Good luck!!!
Gerardo Aizpuru
3 anni fa
Gerardo Aizpuru Curatore, Fotografo, Grafico
Gianfranco Castelli
3 anni fa
Bel lavoro!!Complimenti!

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